• How To End Teen Suicide - With Dean Sikes | Drenda On Guard

    In this powerful and insightful conversation, Drenda is joined by special guest Dean Sikes to address a critical issue that affects far too many young lives. Together, they explore proactive strategies, open-hearted conversations, and community support systems that can make a significant differen...

  • The Grain Pile Principle, Part One

    A lot of people today feel like they have nothing and are in the midst of a famine. How can you have more than enough? Join Gary Keesee as he gets into the first part of this life-changing, five-part series, The Grain Pile Principle. Gary talks about how you need to forget where you came from and...

  • Women's Conference 2023

    10 items

    Join women from all over the world, and in every season of life, to receive the encouragement and inspiration you need to face the future with strength, boldness, and courage, and to truly live the happy life God has for you.

  • Provision Conference 2023

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    Break through your comfort zone and conquer fear. Develop the entrepreneurial mindset you need to thrive. Learn how to hear new ideas from God to create and seize wealth in business. Receive timely instruction from successful entrepreneurs who will challenge your perspective and push you to think...

  • Faith Life Church Service