Fixing The Money Thing

Fixing The Money Thing

Fixing The Money Thing
  • Fixing The Money Thing

    3 seasons

    Fixing the Money Thing with Gary Keesee provides valuable insight and solutions in the areas of faith, family, and finances. Learn Kingdom principles, gain renewed vision and wisdom for your everyday life, and get the strategies and creative ideas you need to pursue success and walk out your God-...

  • Your Financial Revolution: Part One

    Many people are stuck at nine to five jobs they don’t enjoy, afraid that they won’t make enough doing something they’re passionate about. Does this sound like you? Join Gary Keesee as he uses real-life examples to share how living in fear and bondage can hinder you from discovering your destiny a...

  • Your Financial Revolution: Part Two

    As a believer, you are a son or daughter of God’s household, so why don’t we live like it? Join Gary Keesee as he uses the Bible to show you that God wants you to succeed, and to break free from the rat-race and earth-curse system we’re all born into.

  • Totally Healed Series: The Fog of Unbelief, Part One

    The enemy will try to set you up for failure and try to fog your vision so you can’t focus. How do you prevent that? Join Gary Keesee in this episode as he talks about breaking out of a foggy mindset so you can live life and see more clearly than ever.

  • Totally Healed Series: The Fog of Unbelief, Part Two

    You don’t have to let fear fog up your vision. It’s time to break free from it so you can continue on the path God has for you. Join Gary Keesee as he uncovers God’s plan for healing your spirit, mind, emotions, and finances on this episode of Fixing the Money Thing.

  • Totally Healed Series: You Are Not Alone

    Do you ever feel like you’re lost in life? Just another person among thousands? It’s really easy to get caught up in the numbers, but hope isn’t lost. Join Gary Keesee in the first part of this powerful Totally Healed series. In this episode, he talks about how God created all of us to be differe...

  • Totally Healed Series: How Long Are You Going to Put Up with It? Part Two

    When are you going to get up and go after what God has for you? Join Gary Keesee as he shares the importance of not having a stagnant mentality and how using your authority to work with God can help you excel in the Kingdom.

  • Fixing The Money Thing: Go Woke, Go Broke

    More and more media outlets are trying to send ungodly messages. It’s time that we stand up and start opening our eyes to what the enemy is trying to do in our culture! Join Gary and Drenda Keesee as they discuss how the media can impact your wallet and what you can do to avoid “woke” media outle...

  • 10 Things You Need to Know About Finances

    No one wants to be in debt, though many people are. What if you didn’t have to be? Join Gary Keesee as he talks with his wife, Drenda Keesee, and daughter Amy Keesee-Freudiger about 10 vital things you need to know about your finances in order to get out of debt faster than you ever thought you c...

  • Your Financial Revolution: Part Three

    You can’t reach the life God wants you to live in the natural, you have to change your thinking! Join Gary Keesee for this inspiring message about change as he encourages you to renew your mind to God’s word so you can be transformed and not restricted by your old, negative thoughts.

  • Your Financial Revolution: Part Four

    Many people say they’re believers, but what does that really mean? What do you believe? Join Gary Keesee as he shares the importance of knowing what you believe and being grounded in the Word so you can consistently move forward in the Kingdom instead of taking steps backwards.

  • Your Financial Revolution, Part One

    Debt is one of the biggest things holding people back from what God has for them. You need to learn how to operate in the Kingdom so you can be free financially. Join Gary Keesee and special guest Jason Freudiger, Event Coordinator for Faith Life Church, for this powerful special episode that wil...

  • Your Financial Revolution, Part Two

    A church is only as financially free as its people are. How do you get there? Join Gary Keesee and guests Jason Freudiger, Event Coordinator at Faith Life Church, and Steve Higgins, Director of Operations at Forward Financial Group, for this impactful episode as they show you what being financial...

  • Success Code Declassified, Part Two

    So many people chase after titles. What if you didn’t have to chase at all? Join Gary Keesee for this influential episode as he explains that you already have access to the treasure of God, so you can have success in life and the Kingdom of heaven!

  • Success Code Declassified, Part Three

    Even in tough situations, God can still make a way for success if your focus is on Him. What does that look like? Join Gary Keesee as he shares how God’s Word provides plans to live successfully and uses a Bible story to explain and demonstrate this.

  • Success Code Declassified, Part Four

    You are called for such a time as this! Join Gary and Drenda Keesee for this special episode as they tag team and talk more about how to have success in the Kingdom as well as in your everyday life.

  • Success Code Declassified, Part Five

    God has anointed you for success; it’s time for you to walk that out. Join Drenda Keesee for the final part of this vital series as she wraps up everything with some key insights from the life of Mary to help you be on your way to a successful life.

  • Drenda on Guard, January 2023 Financial Update

    What does our economy look like right now? Would you like to know? Join Gary and Drenda Keesee as they discuss today’s inflation rates, where we are currently in our economy, and what debt can affect in terms of finances. This episode features content from Drenda’s new show—Drenda on Guard.

  • Faith Over Fear: Is Fear Holding You Hostage? Part One

    Fear can hold you hostage, keeping you from advancing toward the things God has for you. Are you being held back? Join Gary Keesee as he explains the importance of stepping out of fear and into faith and how you don’t have to be afraid at all because God is always with you.

  • Faith Over Fear: Is Fear Holding You Hostage? Part Two

    You can’t win if you’re siding with fear. You need to break free from fear and stop allowing it to dictate who you are. How do you do that? Gary Keesee talks about this as well as how to use the authority God has given you to overcome ALL the power of the enemy.

  • Shark Proof Interview with Drenda Keesee

    We live in a fallen world, and the enemy will try to use people to knock you off track. Get the relationship answers you need to live a shark free life! Join Gary and Drenda Keesee in this special edition episode as they discuss Drenda’s Shark Proof: How to Deal with Difficult People book, about ...

  • Faith Over Fear: Change the Picture, Part One

    Fear speaks. Is it speaking to you? Join Gary Keesee as he talks about changing your picture and reprogramming your mind so you can overcome and break free from being bound by the enemy.

  • Faith Over Fear: Change the Picture, Part Two

    You need to take hold of God’s promises for your life so you can quench fear and change your view! How do you do that? Join Gary Keesee as he uses inspiring real-life stories to show what it looks like to walk out being in faith rather than fear, so you can overcome the enemy’s tactics.

  • Faith over Fear: I Did It

    Fear is not a part of the Kingdom of God. You need to know who you are in Christ so you don’t have to be afraid to approach God in confidence! Join Gary Keesee for this vital teaching as he talks about understanding that God is always with you and that He is not mad at you!