2 Seasons

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  • Adam & Siera Long - When Fear Rules Your Life

    Episode 1

    Filled with constant anxiety, Sierra lived her life in fear. Her fears hindered the joy of those around her. Listen as Sierra transparently shares her story of choosing to trust God and push past fear. In the process, God redeemed her marriage and restored her joy. Today, Sierra enjoys a confiden...

  • Elijah Doyle - The Lame Will Walk

    Episode 2

    Elijah went on Faith Life Church’s mission trip to Peru. During worship one morning, Elijah had a vision of a man on crutches. Elijah knew that Jesus has the power to heal paralysis. As the team went out to minister that day, Elijah saw a man with crutches. Check out his story of faith, healing, ...

  • Dawn & Rich Dalton - One Million+ in Debt to Financial Freedom

    Episode 3

    When the real estate market crashed, Rich and Dawn found themselves in 1.2 million in debt. At rock bottom, they decided to take Pastor Gary’s course, “Financially Free”. Listen to their miracle story as they followed Kingdom principles to discover joy and financial freedom!

  • Shamaine Seaton - Peru

    Episode 4

  • Mark & Hannah Curtis - Speak Life!

    Episode 5

    Hannah went to the doctor for an ultrasound. Instead of a baby, there was a blood clot. The nurse told Mark and Hannah that she had a miscarriage. Filled with overwhelming sadness, Hannah felt empty. But God! Listen to Mark and Hannah as they share how God healed Hannah and gave them the blessing...

  • Mike & Dawn Long

    Episode 6

  • Dawn Dalton - "Stand up again. Choose Life!"

    Episode 7

    When the pain of loss torments our souls, we look to something to cease our suffering. When Dawn’s newborn daughter, Ashley, passed away after only a couple of months, the grief was overwhelming. Believing a lie that God took her daughter, Dawn turned to drugs and alcohol until that wasn’t enough...

  • The Green Family Interview - Update

    Episode 8

  • Michelle Hanna - Homeless and Helpless to Full of Hope

    Episode 9

    Michelle was addicted to heroin. She lived in a tent for four years begging on the streets to survive. Until one day, a friend invited Michelle to Faith Life. Listen as Michelle tells you how Jesus changed her and is helping her to live the good life.

  • Doug Kirk - There’s an Answer for PTSD

    Episode 10

    Douglas is a Vietnam war veteran. He served our country in Vietnam for six months as a Marine combat engineer. He lost a kidney, half a lung, and almost an arm in the war. Listen to Douglas’ story of God’s healing and redemptive power. As Douglas said, “God is a deliverer. If He set me free, He’l...

  • Terry & Patti Sullivan - A “Little” IRS Problem

    Episode 11

    Terry and Patti are Faith Life Now Partners. They are living testimonies that when we put the Kingdom principles into practice, they work! Terry and Patti share about their “little” IRS problem equating to $300,000. Listen to how God reduced the amount owed to only $351.

  • Dustin & Kendall Grimes - The Power of Rest

    Episode 12

    Dustin and Kendall felt God leading them to start a business. The startup ended up costing them five times the originally anticipated amount. Right at this time, Pastor Gary started his series on “The Power of Rest.” Listen as Dustin and Kendall share how they followed the principles of the Kingd...

  • Adam & Connie McVay - Healed, Healthy, and Whole

    Episode 13

    Adam was in a severe car accident. Trapped in the front seat with broken bones and multiple fractures, Adam got out of the car moments before it ignited. They still don’t know how he got out—but God! Listen to Adam and Connie share their story of how God was faithful to His word.

  • Bill & April Dempsey - God Still Supplies

    Episode 14

    Bill and April own a plumbing business. When it was time to make a pledge for the Journey campaign, Bill wrote down a number that was 7.5x the amount that April was expecting. Nevertheless, April trusted God and her husband. Listen as the couple shares how God enabled them to meet their obligatio...

  • Brad & Charity Sayers - When the Passion Births the Promise

    Episode 15

    Charity was passionate about natural hair products. She loved creating recipes to help people manage their natural hair. Listen to Brad and Charity share how God gave them an idea, they put into practice, and God blessed it!

  • Holly Kaufman - God, Will You Wake Me Up?

    Episode 16

    Pain. Trauma. Depression. Grief. Diagnosed with PTSD, Holly just wanted the pain to go away—only she didn’t know how to do that. She felt empty and numb. Desperately wanting the pain to end by any means necessary, Holly had a handful of pills and cried out to God. He answered by waking her up. Si...

  • Joe Duff - You Shall Not Fear

    Episode 17

    Joe Duff didn't feel like his daily worries were out of the ordinary. However, his small worries started to morph into dread and led to a serious bout of anxiety and depression. While attending a conference at Faith Life Church, Joe's life was changed when was cured of his mental illness and set ...

  • Nate Simpson - God Made Me For Something

    Episode 18

    After miraculously walking away from a motorcycle accident, Nate knew God made him for something and stepped away from his drug lifestyle. Searching for God, Nate came to Faith Life Church. His whole life has been transformed through the love of God. Be encouraged to know that God has a plan for ...

  • Irene Pakhridnov - Woman of the Year Nominee

    Episode 19

  • Paul Clark - Keep Hope Alive

    Episode 20

    Paul struggled with extreme migraines for years—without relief. At the verge of taking his own life as a teenager, his family started attending Faith Life. God took Paul’s pain away. If you’re at the end of your rope, like Paul was, don’t give up hope. Hold onto it. Keep it alive because it can k...

  • Brock & Lindsay Walden - The Power of Connection

    Episode 21

    As Lindsay struggled with postpartum depression, the Waldens knew it was time to truly get connected at Faith Life Church. Through Kingdom Track, they gained an understanding of their personalities and discovered their spiritual giftings. Listen as they share what the power of connection did for ...

  • Kaleigh Warner - God Wants to Release Healing Through YOU!

    Episode 22

    Kaleigh went on the church’s 2019 mission trip to Peru. Battling discouragement yet choosing to step out in faith, Kaleigh prayed for a blind man. Listen as she shares her story of God’s healing power!

  • Kevin & Tonya Lynette Stout - A Diagnosis is NOT a Death Sentence

    Episode 23

    The facts are the facts and the promises are the promises. When facing a diagnosis, Tonya chose to have more than a positive attitude; she decided to have a PROMISE attitude. Listen as Kevin and Tonya share their story of standing on the promises of God and how God brought them through pain to ob...

  • Deb Landers - Woman of the Year Nominee

    Episode 24